About Us

Shanghai Kind Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and we mainly expertise in the field of instrumentation and sensor.

The department of instrumentation of Shanghai Kind Electronics Co., Ltd majors in providing selling and relative service of precise automatic instruments, which are widely used in electricity, chemical industry, process and measurement. Our products mainly apply in industrial scene like the processing of steel, petroleum, electricity, chemical industry, sewage, tap water, papermaking, food hygiene, beer beverage, chemical fiber, oil and gas, pharmaceutical products and material-disposal.
Shanghai Kind Electronics Co., Ltd is a newly established technology firm composed of a number of experienced project managers, professional engineers and technicians. What we offer for the customers are the most high-quality products and the most professional project service. We will guarantee each link in the chain with safety, reliability, stability and pollution-free. The process include all aspects of a systematic service such as early-stage analysis and project-approving, preliminary design and budget, equipment installation and commissioning, operation, equipment maintenance, system and equipment renew in future.

The department of sensor of Shanghai Kind Electronics Co., Ltd focus on providing more intelligent sensors and overall solution for the automation of logistics, factories, and process. Our products have been widely used in many fields like electricity, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, automobile, motor, elevator, lifting and port machinery, packaging machinery, digit-controlled lathe, wind power, rail transit, water treatment, nuclear power and aerospace industry. We provide one-stop service from physical measurement to sensors and software. We own the world's most famous automation brands, and our customers are recommended the most suitable products. Customers and their demands will always be put at the first place. With the great strength of professional consulting experts in application and sales, Shanghai Kind Electronics Co., Ltd will be your most reliable cooperative partner in the field of sensor. We also pay great attention on products and service. The quality, delivery, value and technology are highlighted. Our company will offer innovative sensor application solutions for global industry and other industries.

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